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Eyal Katz

How to Secure a Service Mesh Architecture

How to Secure a Service Mesh Architecture

Many organizations build applications using microservices that often communicate with other distributed services. Ensuring that they remain secure requires a “secure token service,” secure communication protocols

The 4 Types of NoSQL Databases You Need to Know

The 4 Types of NoSQL Databases You Need to Know

With the modern big data revolution, NoSQL databases have become widely popular. Their scalability and support of unstructured data is appealing to developers seeking solutions outside

10 Essentials for Big Data Security

10 Essentials for Big Data Security

In today’s data-driven world, skilled developers are much sought out for their ability to build applications that serve the Big Data needs of organizations. The sheer

serverless security guide

The Developer’s Guide to Serverless Security

Serverless computing brings a highly efficient way to deploy applications and run software on demand. Testament to that is the fact that serverless application adoption is

top 10 ci/cd automation tools

Top 10 CI/CD Automation Tools

Software teams have focused on agility since the world embraced Mark Zuckerberg’s motto to “move fast and break things.” But many still lack the confidence or

4 Tips for an Airtight Kubernetes Security Policy

4 Tips for an Airtight Kubernetes Security Policy

Kubernetes powers significant automation capabilities for developers in deploying, managing, scaling, and ensuring the availability of containerized apps. Data from 2021 shows that adoption continues to

terraform vs ansible

The IaC Showdown: Terraform vs. Ansible

Infrastructure as code (IaC) has become the de-facto method for dealing with infrastructure at scale. This codification of infrastructure configurations lets software development teams create version-controlled,

gitops vs devops

GitOps vs. DevOps: What’s the Difference and Why Should You Care?

DevOps has been the methodology of choice among developers for over a decade. No doubt, it’s proven its efficiency and ability to speed up processes while

how does infrastructre as code on aws work

How Does Infrastructure as Code on AWS work? 

Imagine having to manually provision and configure every device in a large corporation. Then visualize the upgrade process. How about patching? Then, picture ensuring conformity on

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