Source code security

With Spectral and the SpectralOps platform, you can continuously scan and monitor known and unknown assets to stop leaks at the source.

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Smart teams use Spectral

Prevent costly mistakes

Mitigate secret leaks caused by bad credentials hygiene and human error that can have devastating results.

Integrate with your CI

SpectralOps integrates with all leading CI systems with built-in support for Jenkins, Azure and others.

Detect as early as a pre-commit

When working with Git, employ our pre-commit, Husky and custom hooks to automate early issue detection.

Install your build systems plugin

Scan during your static builds with native plugins for JAMStack, Webpack, Gatsby, Netlify and more.

Map and monitor your blindspots

SpectralOps maps and continuously monitors your organizational blindspots, shadow assets, and supply chain risk in one dashboard, effortlessly.

Enjoy unprecedented protective coverage

Leverage our combination of hundreds of custom detectors and proprietary machine learning models to detect issues and keep your secrets safer than ever.

Uncover shadow IT assets

Map hidden and out-of-sight sensitive assets such as codebases, logs, and other sensitive intellectual property that belong to your organization, but were left exposed in public facing repositories.

Drive and track risk mitigation

How can you balance finding hidden risks and driving organizational change? SpectralOps enables you to do both with insightful reporting and API to analyze your results.

Developer first

Spectral was built from the ground up by developers and for developers. Drive security from your command line, extend and customize.

Scan at record time

We respect your CI so we ensure an average sized repo takes SpectralOps only seconds to scan.

Leverage zero-config

Spectral runs secure by default no special configuration needed. When you need power, it’s available through configuration and extension.

Secure by design

Scan your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Npm, and more without granting Spectral any permissions of any kind.

Apply your brightest ideas

Create your own custom detectors with our proprietary query language, SPEQL, to apply your own security and SRE/DevOps policies.

Keep it simple but powerful

SPEQL is a YAML-based language which exposes parts of the Spectral engine to you in a human-friendly way.

Share your modules

Build your own set of detectors and share across the organization. Spectral will automatically detects and loads them in your scans with no additional effort.

Built for R&D teams

You code. We protect.

Spectral is an ever-updating platform with new capabilities added every week. Like many modern teams, you can build your own detectors and policies to meet your internal security KPIs.

More security. Less time.

We understand that productivity is as important as security. Enjoy fast integration and fast scans in commit or build time on virtually all CI systems.

Connect your CI system

Any stack, any language

Spectral scanning technology is programming language agnostic and supports 500+ different stacks

Scan everything

Scan code, configuration, binaries, or any other material in your codebase. Uncover issues that are visible and hidden from plain sight.

Pinpoint & resolve

Find and resolve issues in your code and other assets at their exact location and in the correct point in time.

We've got you covered

We continuously map developer mistakes, access detail and secret management detection with an ever-growing coverage using AI/ML and our proprietary tech.

Keep your CI lightning-fast

Previously building CDNs, we understand low-level file systems, CPU and software optimization and we put it to good use. Spectral scans a typical codebase in seconds.

Scan your public assets

Spectral scans your public Github, Gitlab, Dockerhub, and 30+ other cloud services, and helps you uncover shadow resources and security blindspots.

Keep your code private

Your code and data is safe with Spectral. We never copy, send or store any of it. We don't even connect with your Github.

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