Protect Cloud Native Applications With CloudGuard CNAPP

As part of Check Point CloudGuard, Spectral gives you the context you need to prioritize risks, drive actionable remediation, and prevent critical attacks. 

In-depth insights and control

Get deeper visibility and more context over your security posture from code to cloud across identities, vulnerabilities, configuration, and more. 

Unified management

Prevent threats across your entire cloud infrastructure and scale security  throughout your public cloud workloads. 

Risk & remediation management

Zoom in on the 1% of risks that matter most and get automated threat intelligence remediation in real time. 

Visually identify any threat

A contextualized view of your multi-cloud security helps you quickly identify, prioritize, and auto-remediate issues.

unified cloud management

Unify and automate cloud security

CloudGuard CNAPP embeds security best practices into the CI/CD, saving you time and helping you stay on top of security and compliance monitoring. 


Automated action items

Speed up threat mitigation with auto-remediation, configuration review, task delegation features – and more. 

Put speed and efficiency first

The developer-first unified platform saves you time and resources on manually checking individual environments. 

Compliance management

Flag issues based on industry standards and regulations to shield your applications from compliance failures.

Smarter prevention and remediation

Catch misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and risky permissions earlier to prevent critical attacks on cloud applications. 

Broad coverage and protection

CloudGuard CNAPP validates known and unknown threats early in the development pipeline before they leak into production. 

Granular access controls

Track granular IAM controls in the CNAPP solution for enhanced visibility over all access rights and changes. 

Security and contextual guidance

Get actionable remediation guidance and automated contextual analysis to help you prioritize critical risks. 

Empower your team

You code. We protect.

Spectral is an ever-updating platform with new capabilities added every week. Like many modern teams, you can build your own detectors and policies to meet your internal security KPIs.

More security. Less time.

We understand that productivity is as important as security. Enjoy fast integration and fast scans in commit or build time on virtually all CI systems.

Connect your CI system

Any stack, any language, anywhere

Spectral scanning technology is programming language agnostic and supports 500+ different stacks

Scan everything

Scan code, configuration, binaries, or any other material in your codebase. Uncover issues that are visible and hidden from plain sight.

Pinpoint & resolve

Find and resolve issues in your code and other assets at their exact location and in the correct point in time.

We've got you covered

We continuously map developer mistakes, access detail and secret management detection with an ever-growing coverage using AI/ML and our proprietary tech.

Keep your CI lightning-fast

Previously building CDNs, we understand low-level file systems, CPU and software optimization and we put it to good use. Spectral scans a typical codebase in seconds.

Scan your public assets

Spectral scans your public Github, Gitlab, Dockerhub, and 30+ other cloud services, and helps you uncover shadow resources and security blindspots.

Keep your code private

Your code and data is safe with Spectral. We never copy, send or store any of it. We don't even connect with your Github.

Get code security that everyone loves.

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