Keep malicious open source software packages out of your applications

Protect your software supply chain and pipelines from OSS vulnerabilities with source code analysis designed for developers.

Continuously monitor your codebase for
open source security threats

Automate open source governance and SBOM creation. Stop malicious and faulty OSS packages
with a software composition analysis tool made for high-velocity development teams.

Code security from day zero

Check your dependencies for threats as soon as you declare them - as early as pre-commit.

Automated and Actionable

Eliminate the risk of malicious or compromised OSS packages without impacting your workflows.

Developer first

Quickly and seamlessly integrate software composition analysis with the development tools you already employ.

Gain unprecedented visibility into your software supply chain

Automatically generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in seconds to map out all third-party and OSS code dependencies throughout your codebase and eliminate manual analysis.

Uncover vulnerable OSS dependencies in your development landscape

Identify and classify open source dependency risk by leveraging CheckPoint ThreatCloud threat intelligence platform to account for exploitability, package maintenance history, typosquatting, account jacking, or the presence of malicious code like cryptominers and backdoors.

Stop malicious packages from being downloaded

Keep potentially malicious code out of your applications and out of your pipeline by actively blocking known and unknown malicious OSS packages from reaching your SDLC.

Reduce exposure and accelerate your workflows

Save precious time spent on manual OSS package dependency management with lightning-fast scans, superior risk classification accuracy, and extensive coverage in a single developer-friendly platform.

Control and minimize OSS risk without altering your stack

Integrate Spectral with the systems and development tools you already employ with built-in support for popular CI platforms and native build system plugins.

Leverage AI/ML to classify the exploitability of OSS dependencies in your code

Stop wasting time resolving vulnerabilities that are not definite threats, and adopt an industry-leading OSS risk management solution that does the heavy lifting for you.

Combine zero-configuration, flexibility, and compliance

Use preconfigured software composition analysis scanning or implement your own security policies to ensure your codebase is secure and compliant with regulatory demands.

Secure your applications without compromising on privacy

Scan your codebase locally with no assets downloaded to SpectralOps servers and no need for special permissions.

Employ innovative technology from a trusted brand

Combine Check Point’s cloud security capabilities and threat intelligence tools with Spectral’s code security tools for developers to expand security right in the software development life cycle.

Software composition analysis -
trusted by software professionals.

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