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Developer tools

Top 11 Debuggers You Need To Know In 2021

Top 11 Debuggers You Need To Know In 2021

Nobody loves a bug in their code. They’re annoying and create bumps in our flow state when coding. Yet, they feature on a frequent basis when

top git security issues

8 Top Git Security Issues & What To Do About Them

Git is the most popular software version control (SVC) standard used by developers today. That doesn’t make it the most secure. Whether you’re using GitLab, GitHub,

best data modeling tools

Top 10 Data Modeling Tools to Know in 2021

When developers approach databases they often neglect proper data modeling. This can result in a lot of fiddling with the data structure over time. Fiddling is

TFS Continuous Integration - How To Set Up Azure Pipelines

TFS Continuous Integration – How To Set Up Azure Pipelines

DevOps is an evolving practice. New tools, methodologies and approaches are explored to meet the needs of businesses and developers. When it comes to orchestrating development

github vs gitlab

GitLab vs GitHub: Which is right for you

It is safe to say that most code in the world resides on either GitLab or GitHub. Which makes perfect sense in a cloud-based, OSS-dependent world.

teamcity vs jenkins

JetBrains TeamCity vs Jenkins – 10 Key Differences

Code fast and break things may be a healthy approach when you’re rushing to present investors with a POC. However, when it comes to developing real-world

Top 25 Jenkins plugins for 2021

Top 25 Jenkins plugins for 2021

Jenkins is the most used open-source CI/CD solution out there. Being a FOSS project usually means that there’s an ever-growing number of extensions and capabilities for vs jenkins vs Jenkins: Battle of the CI/CDs

Continuous integration and delivery are necessary in any production level software development process. CI/CD are more than just buzzwords. Rather, it is a fully-fledged methodology of

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