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best software deployment tools for 2022

Top 10 Software Deployment Tools for 2022

Approaching any finish line in life can be exciting yet stressful. This holds especially true in software deployment. The deployment phase is the final phase of

The developer's guide to kubernetes deployments

The Developer’s Guide to a Seamless Kubernetes Deployment

To grasp the concept of a Kubernetes Deployment and Kubernetes Deployment strategy, let’s begin by explaining the two different meanings of the term “deployment” in a

top 12 cloud security solutions

Top 12 Cloud Security Tools for 2022

A recent survey of nearly 2,000 IT professionals found that while most (85%) enterprises believe cloud technologies are critical to innovation, only 40% actually have a security policy

Top 5 NPM Vulnerability Scanners

Top 5 NPM Vulnerability Scanners

The world of software development has been rocked by JavaScript. With nearly every modern web app making extensive use of JavaScript on the front end. And

How to Secure a Service Mesh Architecture

How to Secure a Service Mesh Architecture

Many organizations build applications using microservices that often communicate with other distributed services. Ensuring that they remain secure requires a “secure token service,” secure communication protocols

The 4 Types of NoSQL Databases You Need to Know

The 4 Types of NoSQL Databases You Need to Know

With the modern big data revolution, NoSQL databases have become widely popular. Their scalability and support of unstructured data is appealing to developers seeking solutions outside

top 10 ci/cd automation tools

Top 10 CI/CD Automation Tools

Software teams have focused on agility since the world embraced Mark Zuckerberg’s motto to “move fast and break things.” But many still lack the confidence or

4 Tips for an Airtight Kubernetes Security Policy

4 Tips for an Airtight Kubernetes Security Policy

Kubernetes powers significant automation capabilities for developers in deploying, managing, scaling, and ensuring the availability of containerized apps. Data from 2021 shows that adoption continues to

terraform vs ansible

The IaC Showdown: Terraform vs. Ansible

Infrastructure as code (IaC) has become the de-facto method for dealing with infrastructure at scale. This codification of infrastructure configurations lets software development teams create version-controlled,

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