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Developer tools

How to Choose a Secret Scanning Solution to Protect Credentials in Your Code

How safe are your passwords? How secure are your API keys? Are you sure your CI pipeline is configured using the best security practices? One of

Stopping Supply Chain Attacks With Preflight

It’s been a few weeks since the CodeCov hack sent ripples across the software development industry. One of these ripples was an increased awareness of supply

the last mile of sensitive data

The Last Mile of Sensitive Data

Almost any given modern software project these days will contain a set of technologies that offer a developer-productivity story, for traditional cloud stacks and cloud native

code review checklist

Code Review Checklist: 8 steps to improved productivity [XLS template attached]

Code review is the best way to maintain a high level of code quality. The code review acts not only as a gatekeeper for bad code

What is a Data Architect & How You Become One

What is a Data Architect & How You Become One

Quick announcement: with SpectralOps you can protect your data from leaks caused by hard coded secrets and misconfigurations At the root of every application and software

Top 9 Git Secret Scanning Tools for DevSecOps

Top 9 Git Secret Scanning Tools for DevSecOps

Part of the Spectral API Security Series Collaboration is key. Not only in software development. But when it comes to collaboration on Git repositories, the word

Top 11 Debuggers You Need To Know In 2021

Top 11 Debuggers You Need To Know In 2021

Nobody loves a bug in their code. They’re annoying and create bumps in our flow state when coding. Yet, they feature on a frequent basis when

top git security issues

8 Top Git Security Issues & What To Do About Them

Git is the most popular software version control (SVC) standard used by developers today. That doesn’t make it the most secure. Whether you’re using GitLab, GitHub,

best data modeling tools

Top 10 Data Modeling Tools to Know in 2021

When developers approach databases they often neglect proper data modeling. This can result in a lot of fiddling with the data structure over time. Fiddling is

Stop leaks at the source!