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    Top 25 Jenkins plugins for 2021

    Top 25 Jenkins plugins for 2021

    Jenkins is the most used open-source CI/CD solution out there. Being a FOSS project usually means that there’s an ever-growing number of extensions and capabilities for vs jenkins vs Jenkins: Battle of the CI/CDs

    Continuous integration and delivery are necessary in any production level software development process. CI/CD are more than just buzzwords. Rather, it is a fully-fledged methodology of

    the complete guide to the yelp api

    The Complete Guide to the Yelp API

    Part of the Spectral API Security Series is one of the most influential crowdsourcing sites for businesses. The company is worth just over one billion

    top 10 java vulnerabilities

    Top 10 Most Common Java Vulnerabilities You Need to Prevent

    It’s easy to think that our code is secure. Vulnerabilities or potential exploits are often the things we think about last. Most of the time, our

    top 12 open source security solutions

    Top 12 Open Source Code Security Tools

    Open source software is everywhere. From your server to your fitness band. And it’s only becoming more common as over 90% of developers acknowledge using open

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