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10 Free Developer Tools to Shift Left Security

10 Free Developer Tools to Shift Left Security

Have you ever produced a bug-free, well-tested release candidate that later failed the security tests done by InfoSec? This may be due to your security testing

5 Essential Cloud Security Management Tips Most DevOps Neglect

5 Essential Cloud Security Management Tips Most DevOps Neglect

Did you know that 65% of organizations believe they have to choose between innovation and security? This stems from the idea that developers need full access

bad coding habits

5 Bad Coding Habits That Leave Your Source Code Exposed

In 2020 the average cost of a data breach was $3.86 Million. There are many ways that you can be proactive about your security to prevent

How to Choose a Secret Scanning Solution to Protect Credentials in Your Code

How safe are your passwords? How secure are your API keys? Are you sure your CI pipeline is configured using the best security practices? One of

Stopping Supply Chain Attacks With Preflight

It’s been a few weeks since the CodeCov hack sent ripples across the software development industry. One of these ripples was an increased awareness of supply

the last mile of sensitive data

The Last Mile of Sensitive Data

Almost any given modern software project these days will contain a set of technologies that offer a developer-productivity story, for traditional cloud stacks and cloud native

react native vs flutter

Flutter vs. React Native – Which is The Better Framework?

Mobile development has exploded over the past decade. In the beginning, we tried to cheat the system by wrapping up JavaScript frameworks to masquerade as a

how zip() works in python

How zip() Works in Python

Every now and then we get datasets that we need to combine together. The zip() function in Python returns a tuple based on the passed in

git secrets

Git and GitHub Secrets You Should Know

Git and GitHub are almost synonymous when it comes to code repositories and version control. However, the majority of developers under-utilize these two tools and just

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