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Developer-first Cloud Security

Monitor, classify, and protect your code, assets, and infrastructure for exposed API keys, tokens, credentials, and high-risk security misconfigurations in a simple way, without noise.

Security for all stacks and assets

Supercharge your CI/CD

Automate the processes of secret protection at build time. Monitor and detect API keys, tokens, credentials, security misconfiguration and other threats in real time.

Eliminate public blindspots

Continuously uncover and monitor public blindspots, supply chain gaps, and proprietary code assets across multiple data sources in a single dev-friendly platform.

Apply & enforce your policies

Seamlessly integrate your own playbooks, build your own detectors, and implement mitigation policies throughout your software development lifecycle.

What our users are saying

You can definitely tell Spectral was built by developers for developers, and more importantly you can see the value of using it immediately

Alex Brogger

Head of Security, Amperity

Spectral improves our security by preventing our codebase from leaking secrets

Benny Bauer

Chief Architect, Kenshoo

One of the reasons we picked Spectral over the other products is Spectral has low false-positive results, which give us a high confidence factor and save us precious development time

Nimrod Peretz

VP R&D, Wobi

Spectral have automatically identified and surfaced security flaws that our company was not aware of, it helped us be more secure and helped us avoid operational risks

Maayan Yosef

Cloud & DevOps Architect, Perion

Spectral reduces cost by shifting left our security efforts while observing more than 300+ repos & enabled us a safe open-source transformation

Elad Kaplan

Serving Infrastructure Team Leader, SimilarWeb

Securing code is a key piece of our security puzzle. Spectral understands the challenge that companies like ours face and has built a unique platform to help us protect our data assets. We're excited to work with them and this important solution

Udi-Yehuda Tamar

Head of DevOps and SRE, Kryon

Developers productivity is one of the most important things to us. That's why we need security tools that will keep us safe, but also be fast and easy to use, like Spectral

Tal Cohen

Software Engineer Team Lead, LawGeex

It takes 3 minutes to start

1. Install the scanner

2. Scan in your CI

3. Secure your code

Empower your team

You code. We protect.

Spectral is an ever-updating platform with new capabilities added every week. Like many modern teams, you can build your own detectors and policies to meet your internal security KPIs.

More security. Less time.

We understand that productivity is as important as security. Enjoy fast integration and fast scans in commit or build time on virtually all CI systems.

Connect your CI system

Achieve data loss prevention in real time

Leverage SpectralOps’ advanced AI backed technology with over 2000 detectors to discover and classify your data silos and uncover data breaches before they happen. Get real-time slack alerts, workflow with JIRA tickets or your choice of notification on data breaches in real time and empower your teams to take immediate action.

Any stack, any language, anywhere

Spectral scanning technology is programming language agnostic and supports 500+ different stacks

Scan everything

Scan code, configuration, binaries, or any other material in your codebase. Uncover issues that are visible and hidden from plain sight.

Pinpoint & resolve

Find and resolve issues in your code and other assets at their exact location and in the correct point in time.

We've got you covered

We continuously map developer mistakes, access detail and secret management detection with an ever-growing coverage using AI/ML and our proprietary tech.

Keep your CI lightning-fast

Previously building CDNs, we understand low-level file systems, CPU and software optimization and we put it to good use. Spectral scans a typical codebase in seconds.

Scan your public assets

Spectral scans your public Github, Gitlab, Dockerhub, and 30+ other cloud services, and helps you uncover shadow resources and security blindspots.

Keep your code private

Your code and data is safe with Spectral. We never copy, send or store any of it. We don't even connect with your Github.

Get code security that everyone loves.

Schedule a demo and get your questions answered. You’ll get a free account, and code protected.

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