Spectral for

Azure DevOps (ADO) Security

Secure your CI/CD using just one line of code in your Azure DevOps pipeline and enjoy mind-blowing scan speeds and maximum security.

Implement Azure DevOps security with ease

Shift-left your security, and integrate Spectral directly into your CI/CD pipeline. Enforce policies and detect security issues in real time.

Enjoy seamless Azure DevOps integration, which allows you to control build status and mitigates vulnerabilities with ever-green updates and no maintenance.

Zero-copy and no data sending from your CI — no special privileges required in order to start.

Mitigate vulnerabilities and orchestrate security with SpectralOps and optionally, custom outputs such as SARIF, JUnit and JSON.

Get started in 3 minutes

Set up your Azure DevOps pipeline with Spectral
- main
  vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'
- task: CmdLine@2
  displayName: Checkout $(Build.SourceBranchName)
    script: 'git checkout $(Build.SourceBranchName)'
# preflight is a tool that makes sure your CI processes run securely and are safe to use. 
# To learn more and install preflight, see here: https://github.com/SpectralOps/preflight
- script: curl -L 'https://get.spectralops.io/latest/x/sh?dsn=$(SPECTRAL_DSN)' | preflight run
  displayName: 'Install Spectral'
- script: $HOME/.spectral/spectral scan --ok --dsn $(SPECTRAL_DSN)
  displayName: 'Spectral Scan'


Powered by Spectral

Spectral allows you to discover, classify, and protect your codebases, logs, and other assets with ease.

Leverage hundreds of custom detectors and proprietary machine learning models to detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities in code, configuration, and data.

Build your own custom detectors, custom workflows using the full power of the Spectral engine, seamlessly in your CI/CD pipelines.

Enjoy faster feedback times in your CI which provides better experience and contributes to lower costs, while connecting with SpectralOps for alerting, and security orchestration.


The ultimate Azure DevOps security checklist

As many as 99% of security failures in the cloud through 2025 will be the customer’s fault. That’s right, ninety-nine percent. While that may imply cloud vendors are doing a good job keeping up their end of the bargain, it also suggests users of cloud services — DevOps teams included — can greatly mitigate risk by focusing on what they can control. 

Protecting secrets throughout the SDLC with SpectralOps

This whitepaper will review the dangers of secret leakage, the challenges in protecting secrets in the SDLC, and strategies for secret leakage mitigation.

How Perion protects its code from data leaks

The company’s leadership felt confident in their existing security tools and measures taken. They believed the company had adequate defenses in place to protect the company’s IP (intellectual property) and private information against external attacks.

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