CloudGuard Spectral vs. Snyk for SCA

Protect your software supply chain and pipelines from OSS vulnerabilities with source code analysis designed for developers.


CloudGuard Spectral
Remediation and threat intelligence

Problem Limited reporting capabilities offer a lack of visibility

CloudGuard Spectral Provides automated and actionable remediation to secure your applications so you can focus on other tasks

Integration capabilities

Problem Limited integration options as Snyk SCA is fairly new.

CloudGuard Spectral Built-in support for popular CI platforms and native build system plugins for easy integration into your existing stack.

Flexibility and configuration

Problem Complex set-up.

CloudGuard Spectral Use preconfigured SCA scanning or implement your own security policies in line with regulatory demands.

Developer experience

Problem Limited language compatibility.

CloudGuard Spectral An SCA tool made for high-velocity teams that seamlessly integrates with your existing development tools.

Brand reputation

Problem Known for AST, not SCA.

CloudGuard Spectral Leverage Check Point’s industry-leading cloud security capabilities and threat intelligence tools with Spectral SCA. You’re in trusted hands.

Code security

Problem Can flag false positives, leading to alert fatigue.

CloudGuard Spectral Scans for threats as early as pre-commit and actively blocks malicious OSS packages with superior accuracy, coverage, and speed.

Privacy and security

Problem Some Snyk solutions require integration with Snyk’s database.

CloudGuard Spectral Scan your codebase locally – no need to download to Spectral servers or grant special permissions. Spectral puts privacy first.

Workflow and usability

Problem Confusing UI that lacks a clear dashboard.

CloudGuard Spectral Automate OSS package dependency management and get extensive coverage and lightning-fast scans in one dev-friendly platform.

How it works

Connect your repository or CI/CD
Spectral Ops continuously scans your repos for code vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Receive alerts for your repos for code vulnerabilities

Automated and Actionable Threat
Intelligence with Spectral SCA

Gain visibility over your codebase and be confident that your applications
are secure with Spectral. Eliminate the risk of malicious or compromised OSS
packages without impacting your workflows. Spectral is a developer-first
SCA tool that’s trusted by software professionals.

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