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Aurore Inara

The Ultimate Guide to the Zoom API

The Ultimate Guide to the Zoom API

Part of the Spectral API Security Series The COVID-19 crisis brought many new buzzwords into our lives. One of the brand names that will forever be

best data modeling tools

Top 10 Data Modeling Tools to Know in 2021

When developers approach databases they often neglect proper data modeling. This can result in a lot of fiddling with the data structure over time. Fiddling is

SAML vs OAuth: The SSO Showdown

SAML vs OAuth: The SSO Showdown

SSO (Single Sign-On) is so ubiquitous today that it is hard to imagine a world without it. In the olden days before SSO, users had only

github vs gitlab

GitLab vs GitHub: Which is right for you

It is safe to say that most code in the world resides on either GitLab or GitHub. Which makes perfect sense in a cloud-based, OSS-dependent world.

How to create SSH keys for gitlab

The complete guide to SSH keys in GitLab

No one wants to send their precious information over unencrypted channels. This is why most websites and web services use HTTPS to encrypt data by default.

the complete guide to unity api

The Complete Guide to the Unity Scripting API

Unity is by far the most popular game development engine out there. Its user-friendly world view lets you add objects to the game scene and immediately

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