Automated Code Security for Modern Teams

Enabling teams to discover, classify, and protect their codebases, logs, and other assets. Monitor and detect API keys, tokens, credentials, security misconfiguration and more.

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Work Safer on Any Stack, Faster Than Ever

Accelerate Your DevSecOps Workflows

Spectral integrates directly into your pipeline. Get real-time secret and misconfiguration detection, alerting and reporting.

No More Blindspots: Detect and Mitigate Risk

Uncover and monitor public blindspots, your supply chain, and propietary code assets when it happens - across multiple data sources.

Apply Your Policies, Gain Visibility

Use our policies, or your custom detectors, our workflow integration, playbooks and mitigation policies and get a single pane of glass for your org.

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Built for Modern Teams

We build developer tools for security

We don't build security tools for developers. We build developer tools for security. This means 'cool' is our KPI.

Save time by detecting issues before shipping

With Spectral you can take a shift-left approach. Don't waste time on rotating keys and activating breach policies, stop leaks before they happen.

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Spectral sees through every stack

Our custom AI and ML engines are programming language agnostic: any technology you might have, we support it.

Get a Custom Audit

Audit your code, logs, any files and even binaries with Spectral Scanner and create your own reports and see what is leaking.

A Security Linter for Modern Teams

Some modern teams have infrastructure in place for linting in every project. Do you use lint tools on your coding projects? Why not audit while you lint? Spectral seamlessly integrates into your repositories and lint tooling.

Ever Expanding Knowledge

Our Security Research team continuously works on mapping your software universe and constantly improving our detector engines. Updates are included with the Spectral Scanner for best results, always.

Performance By Design

We have a deep grasp of low-level file systems, CPU architecture and software optimization algorithms and we put it to good use. Spectral scans an average sized project in *less than a second* and will never delay your build.

Scan Everywhere

Spectral allows you to scan Github, Gitlab, Dockerhub, and 30+ other cloud services, and helps you figure out where everything is happening and how.

Scan Everything

Scan logs, code, apps, images, or any other material, and get a unified view of what’s hiding in your assets, code, infrastructure and logs.

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