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"Spectral have automatically identified and surfaced security flaws that our company was not aware of, it helped us be more secure and helped us avoid operational risks."
Maayan Yosef
Cloud & DevOps Architect, Perion
"Spectral reduces cost by shifting left our security efforts while observing more than 300+ repos & enabled us a safe open-source transformation"
Elad Kaplan
Serving Infrastructure Team Leader, SimilarWeb
"Securing code is a key piece of our security puzzle. Spectral understands the challenge that companies like ours face and has built a unique platform to help us protect our data assets. We're excited to work with them and this important solution"
Udi-Yehuda Tamar
Head of DevOps and SRE, Kryon
"You can definitely tell Spectral was built by developers for developers, and more importantly you can see the value of using it immediately"
Alex Brogger
Head of Security, Amperity

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