The Data Breach Spotlight: How to expose uncharted attack surfaces

September 30, 11am EST

80% of of nearly 2,000 CIOs surveyed by Gartner are reporting that, as a result of COVID-19, they expect their organizations to demonstrate greater IT adoption and technological innovation in 2021. However, as technological innovations continue to permeate and reach deeper into global organizations cyber attack surfaces are also on the rise.
In fact, midway through 2021, Risk Based Security reported that over 1,767 data breaches were publicly reported and that number is expected to dramatically rise as more traditional organizations shift to Cloud based computing.

However, as attackers gain bravado and complexity so do cyber security solutions. Join Dotan Nahum, CEO & Co-Founder of Spectral (A cyber security solution that helps companies protect their complete Software Development Lifecycle from Data Breaches) and Idan Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of Reflectiz (Cybersecurity solution that empowers businesses to make web applications safer by mitigating their digital risks) to discuss the future of pre and post production challenges in digital security, data breaches and how you can thwart even the most complex attacker.

What’s on the agenda:
In the webinar we will answer some of the tough questions such as: 

  • Why are data breaches more prominent during the last years? What changed?
  • What is secret sprawl and why is it a big deal these days?
  • What is web skimming and how does it actually execute?
  • How can you make sure your company is protected against pre and post production risks?

Meet our speakers

Dotan Nahum

CEO & Co-founder, Spectral

An experienced multidisciplinary leader in tech, 4x published author, and an avid open source contributor. Dotan is CEO & Founder at Spectral a devsecops startups, and previously CTO at HiredScore, Klarna TLV, and Como (Conduit). With a solid background in hacking, reverse engineering, and software engineering, Dotan has spent years bridging the gap between developers, security, and productivity, from a developer's point of view.

Idan Cohen

CEO & Co-founder, Reflectiz

A former Cyber IDF officer, with over a decade of Information Security expertise and Penetration (Pen) Testing experience. Following a cybersecurity role in the IDF, he was the CTO of the biggest offensive security company in Israel – Bugsec. This was followed by a stint at Cynet, a blooming XDR startup. Today Idan is the CEO & Co-founder of Refelctiz, a cyber security startup that aims to make digital web applications safer.

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