Spectral now part of Check Point’s CloudGuard to provide the industry’s most comprehensive security platform from code to cloud Read now

Threat-proof your code with next-generation static application security testing (SAST) for developers

Detect, prioritize, and quickly fix security issues early in your software development lifecycle

Immunize your code against vulnerabilities
and misconfigurations

Scan known and unknown assets in your application ecosystem and empower your developers
with SAST built for high-velocity development teams

Secure code from day zero

Scan your code for misconfiguration, malpractice, glitches, and bad architecture as early as pre-commit

Automated and actionable
threat intelligence

Make secure code the standard with insights that enable developers to quickly address security issues without changing their workflows

Seamless integration

Quickly add static code security scanning to your pipelines with out-of-the-box support for all your favorite build tools, frameworks, CI/CD systems, and programming languages

Smart teams use Spectral

Scan everything, super-fast

Extend the scope of your SAST to include assets beyond the code – like configuration files and logs – all at lightning speeds and minimal CI resources

Uncover hidden sensitive data in public facing assets

Keep code secrets, PII, PHI, and PCI records away from prying eyes by detecting them in your codebase before they leak

Stop issues from becoming threats

Leverage CheckPoint ThreatCloud threat intelligence to enrich your SAST scanning with exploitability ratings and contextual mitigation suggestions

Spend less time resolving security issues in your code

Eliminate the need for manual code security reviews with a SAST tool that shows you all your organizational blindspots, shadow assets, and supply chain risk in one dev-friendly dashboard

Employ SAST that fits your stack

Integrate Spectral with the systems and development tools you already employ with built-in support for popular CI platforms (like Azure and Jenkins) and native build system plugins (for JAMStack, Webpack, Gatsby, Netlify and others)

Tame security alerts with AI/ML

Manage scan results in a collaborative dashboard, get customized Slack alerts, or connect Spectral to your organization’s security dashboard through API to turn SAST results into timely actions

Combine zero-configuration with flexibility

Use preconfigured AI-based SAST detectors or implement your own customized detectors to ensure your codebase is airtight and adheres to industry standards and best-practices

Empower data compliance with ease

Uncover risks in your code and data streams, and shift compliance left with no interference to developer workflows

Run SAST without compromising on privacy

Scan your code on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Npm or elsewhere without uploading to Spectral servers or granting Spectral any permissions of any kind

Next Generation SAST
for Developers

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