How a publicly traded AdTech company protects its code from data leaks

May 5, 2021

About The Company

Founded in 2006, a publicly-traded (NASDAQ) adtech company with over 300 million USD in annual revenue. The company provides digital businesses with engagement, search marketing, and monetization services. As a multinational corporation with thousands of employees worldwide.

The Challenge

Leadership felt confident in their existing security tools and measures taken. They believed the company had adequate defenses in place to protect the company’s IP (intellectual property) and private information against external attacks. What the company did not take into account was the possibility of accidental public exposure of sensitive company data by the company’s own employees.

Solution Step One: External Audit

To exhibit Spectral’s unique human-error mitigating feature-set, Spectral began by offering the company a fully external audit of the company’s assets. All without having to integrate Spectral into ACME’s codebase and with no impact on development workflows.

Once the initial scan was performed, Spectral used AI/ML models to cross-reference and identify the company’s software developers with any public-facing code repositories they may have used while working at the company. The scan quickly identified a publicly accessible GitHub repository where a company developer left login credentials to a sensitive company PostgreSQL database fully exposed for anyone to find and exploit.

Solution Step Two: Continuous Protection

A second chance to exhibit Spectral’s prowess presented itself only a few weeks later. The company was in the process of integrating code resources from a recently purchased company. This time,  and with forward-thinking security in mind, Spectralops systems were tasked with reviewing the newly acquired assets, verifying DevSecOps quality in both code and employee practices. All done well before potentially insecure code was used in any of  the company’s products or operations.

Stop leaks at the source!


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